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    House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple

    House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple is the most comprehensive temple prep course available. It has helped thousands of people improve their temple experience. It will help you prepare for the temple physically and spiritually.

    Many people who are preparing to enter the temple for the first time feel anxious because they don’t know what to expect. Well-intentioned loved ones often feel unsure about what they can appropriately share. Most temple prep classes stress the symbolic, ancient aspects of the temple without relating temple practices to modern experiences and sensibilities.

    First-time patrons can leave wondering, “Did my temple prep class have anything to do with what I just experienced?” “Why didn’t someone just tell me what to expect in the temple?”

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    House of Light is designed to alleviate confusion or anxiety about the logistics of what happens in the temple so you can focus on what matters most—connecting with your Heavenly Parents.

    A Walk-Through Guide

    The first portion of the course walks you through the temple. It tells you where you will go, who will be there to help you, and what will happen from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. It includes helpful hints like when to go to the restroom and visual diagrams.

    Less surprises means less anxiety, which means greater peace and a better chance for a positive experience.

    Meaningful Study Guides

    The second part of the course is a purposeful study guide. It provides tools to help you create a unique and personalized temple prep experience.

    Guided studies cover important temple principles like the Atonement and the Fall. Importantly, it also explains each covenant made in the temple. Rather than hearing about a covenant for the first time when making it, individuals will have a personal understanding of each temple covenant before entering the temple.

    Resources You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

    Special feature: Notable Latter-day Saint therapist, Dr. Julie Hanks, guides readers through an uplifting, shame-free study of the Law of Chastity.

    Additional resources are:

    • FAQ section that covers important points of interest and common concerns like garment wearing, what to do if you don’t have a great experience in the temple, and more.
    • Temple prep shopping checklist with links for men and women.
    • Journal prompts to complete at your own pace that can guide your thoughts and personal revelation.

    Connect with your covenants through House of Light. Study guides are packed full of live links to talks, videos, podcasts, and other books for additional studies.

    For Anyone Seeking More from the Temple

    House of Light is not just for first-time temple visitors—it is for anyone hoping to deepen their understanding of the temple and their covenants.

    Throughout life, you may desire to have a more profound connection with your Heavenly Parents. House of Light is also for seasoned temple patrons. It is for those who are asking questions of themselves and the covenants they’ve made in the temple.

    The study guides may be particularly helpful if you are seeking to gain more from the temple experience as you return again and again.


    • “I bought House of Light in preparation for my upcoming endowment and it was the best thing I could have done. It was so refreshing to have open and clear information about the temple when so many of my loved ones felt unsure of what to tell me, I really am so grateful that I found this resource at the perfect time!”

    • “I gifted House of Light to my nephew the day before he went through the temple and he stayed up so, so late pouring through it. He said it gave him so much peace of mind and he felt so much more prepared after reading and studying with it.”

    • “I bought House of Light and it's absolutely fabulous. It answers so many of those questions that many people don’t even talk about or prepare you for, so thank you! It has me so excited for when I go to the temple for the first time and highly recommend it.”

    • House of Light is great for first time visitors, but is just as helpful to seasoned patrons. The bulk of the resources are made up of study guides that will help you build connections and receive personal revelation regarding your temple covenants like never before.”

    • “I’ve been endowed for almost nine years and this guide has really helped me develop a deeper understanding of the atonement and how it connects to the temple.”

    • “This temple guide is such a huge answer to prayer! I’ve been looking for resources to understand and keep my covenants better. I love this book. The section on chastity is especially helpful. I so appreciate how Dr. Hanks leaves no room for shame or fear.”

    • “I bought myself House of Light after being endowed for five years and I love how reading it brings the spirit of the temple in my home. I ordered a copy for my friend who has been hesitant about getting her endowments out solely because of the anxiety about not knowing what it’s like. House of Light is perfect for her to calm that fear and just focus on the spiritual aspect.”

    House of Light Answers Your Questions

    Many people feel anxiety about the temple, even after they’ve visited. You aren’t alone.

    The temple should be a place of peace. A place to connect with your Heavenly Parents. House of Light is here to help answer your questions so you can focus on connecting with God, yourself, and Jesus Christ.

    The guided studies are carefully designed to help you receive personal revelation—not pass a temple quiz. House of Light is the most comprehensive resource available to study temple covenants whether you’re attending for the first time or the 100th time. 

    Help make your temple experience one of peace and light as you grow confident in your covenants. House of Light is a gift to yourself as you prepare to enter the temple. Bring your questions and answers to light with House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple.


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