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    Merging the formerly mutually exclusive worlds of faith and fashion to provide you with comfortable and beautiful temple dresses.

     Hi! I'm Rosemary, but you can call me Rosie. I’m the founder and CEO of Q.NOOR.

    Temples are important, but not because they're some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Temples matter because they house sacred ordinances. Like temples, as daughters of God our worth is not defined by our exteriors, but by the royal spirits that our bodies house. What we wear, especially in the temple, should reflect the beauty within.

    When shopping for my first temple dress, I felt a little disappointed with the options I found at the LDS Distribution Center or Deseret Book. The temple felt like such a special and personal experience, but I couldn't find anything that felt very special or "me" at all. As more and more of my friends entered the temple, I've observed that my temple dress experience wasn't unique to me. I created Q.NOOR to ensure that women have dresses as special and beautiful as going to the temple feels. 

    Since 2015, Q.NOOR has been helping LDS women all over the world feel more at home in The House of the Lord. Q.NOOR is a small business ran by women dedicated to providing high quality made in America LDS clothing that is beautiful, yet so comfortable that you can forget about it the moment you put it on.

    Our goal is to help you focus more on what matter’s most. When you support Q.NOOR, you are supporting our entire community. We thank you.


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    4014 S. Highland Dr.

    Millcreek, UT 84124


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