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    Questions are good. Answers are better. If your question isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We'll get right back to you!


    What does Q.NOOR mean?

    In Arabic 'noor' means light, illuminate, and edify. Arabic, along with Hebrew, is one of the closest languages to Aramaic. Aramaic is what Christ spoke while He was on this earth. The 'Q' in Q.NOOR stands for 'queen' because in the temple we learn that's exactly who we are! When I was young, my mom always told me and my sisters that we were queens in training.  Long story short? Q.NOOR means 'queen of light.'


    When will you offer plus or petite sizes?

    We believe that all women, regardless of body type, deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in the temple. We currently offer XS - XXL.  We would love nothing more than to offer extended sizes right away, but because we are small and new business we have to start on a limited scale. Thank you for your understanding and patience as our little business grows.


    Can I preorder a dress?

    First, thank you so much for your excitement and support! In order to fair to all customers we do not accept preorders or reservations. Dresses will be available for purchase to everyone at the same time as shipments come in. Please follow along on Instagram  and sign up for our mailing list for restock updates. You can also add you name to a waiting list for each style by clicking the links below. (These links are also available in the shop.) Elaine , Goldie , Hero , Liesa , Marilyn , Valentine , Stevie , Merry , Florence


    How long does shipping take?

      We want you to have your dress as quickly as possible. All orders ship within 2 business days. Actual shipping takes 1-3 days, depending on how far you live from Salt Lake City.


      Will sold out dresses be restocked?

      Each style is offered on a limited run. Some sold out styles may be brought back by popular demand. We will always be restocking with new styles. Please be sure you add your name to the waitlist, join our email community, and follow us on Instagram for the most recent updates regarding restocks.


      Do you have a location where I can try dresses on?

      Q.NOOR dresses are offered exclusively online. Feel free to order multiple sizes and simply return any unwanted sizes. Please find our full returns policy HERE.


      How do I return or exchange my order?

      For returns, please click HERE. For exchanges, please click HERE


      How do I wash my Q.NOOR dress?

      For best results, please follow the instructions on your dress tag. Most Q.NOOR dresses can be machine washed in cold on gentle. Hang to dry.


      Do you ship internationally?

      Yes-ish! We currently offer shipping to Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia! More countries will be added soon. All international orders are final. If we don't ship to your country yet, please email us your address at rosie@qnoor.com and we will help you out.