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Why I, as a single woman, am choosey about the couples I follow on instagram.

Why I, as a single woman, am choosey about the couples I follow on instagram.

We've all seen it on Instagram. The wife pans the camera over to show her husband and he rolls his eyes and acts too cool for whatever she is doing or saying. She laughs it off and I feel uncomfy.

Here is the deal. I'm not judging those husbands. Instagram just may not be their thing and that's totally fine. (Ok... maybe I kinda am. Even if it's not their favorite thing they don't need to be fussy about it.)

As a single woman, that kind of husband example just isn't my thing. I'm in a place in my life where I need positive examples of happy marriages (even if it's just for the gram.) I need examples of husbands who are happy and supportive of their wives and what makes them unique. I need examples of marriages made up of teammates AND best friends. 

So here is a little list of couples I like following because they make me hopeful that marriage can be great not just hard. This is not to say these couples are perfect. No one is. BUT they're doing a pretty good job in this department in my humble opinion. 

I won't go into too much detail about each account because the most important part is the same for each account. These couples sincerely seem like best friends. They laugh a lot, seem genuinely happy together, and give me a good goal to shoot for. 



Brianna and Keith



First things first. Brianna and Keith are dog parents living in their rad van and adventuring in the Utah wilderness. I love them for obvious reasons. Bianna is far more involved on Instagram. I think Keith has an account but I don't think he ever posts. Instagram is her thing, but he never seems annoyed by it. He seems nothing but supportive and I really appreciate that.
Their account makes me think about what my life could be like with a best friend by my side. They make me hopeful. 


Tara and Bruan



My favorite snapshots of this couple's relationship are when they are in the car and telling a story. They are usually both laughing so hard they can hardly make it through the story. They tease each other in sweet and happy ways. We never see him teasing her in a way that makes her look dumb (I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN HUSBANDS DO THIS.) These guys seem to have so much fun together and I very much appreciate that example. 


Avery and Brit



 It's hard to top these two love birds. Honestly. They are each other's number one fans. They are both so busy doing big and important things and they are so supportive of each other. I've told Avery multiple times that watching her and Brit interact has helped me lift my own bar for relationships. Brit and Avery have FUN together and I want that. 


Chelsea and Nick



Ok. I'm going to try to be as no creepy here as possible, but it's going to be tough. I love and look up to these two for REASONS! First, I love how much they adventure. It's so easy to get stuck in the routine of life. These two are always planning little adventures and exploring together. I love that dream so hard. I have joked with a mutual friend that I would let me pick my husband if he was similar to them.  I love watching them tackle big projects together, but more than anything I love how they tackle being in a mixed faith marriage. I've been pretty open here about how my faith has changed and developed in sometimes complicated ways over the last few years. Sadly, I've had men in my life choose to step away because my faith felt too complicated to them. These two have faced the complications of faith hand in hand. I am sure there is SO MUCH going on in that department that we don't see, but what I do see gives me hope. They give me hope that I can find someone who will love me through my highs and lows. Someone who will love me for my easy and hard parts.


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