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Resources to Learn about Heavenly Mother

Resources to Learn about Heavenly Mother


1. Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk by Rachel Hunt Steenblik is where we suggest everyone start when seeking to feel connected to Heavenly Mother. It’s a small book of poem that can be read in one sitting or soaked in over a period of time. Don’t have much experience reading poetry? Don’t let that deter you. Rachel’s use of poetry and motherhood themes beautifully helps readers find and recognize their connection to the Divine Feminine. 

2. I Gave Her a Name

Rachel Hunt Steenblik wrote I Gave Her a Name after the huge success of Mother’s Milk. The people simpy wanted more! I Gave Her a Name continues the journey to find Her is every day objects and experiences in a way that is easy for all to connect to.

3. Finding Mother God

If there were official Matriarch’s of LDS women Carol Lynn Pearson would be one of them. Carol Lynn is the author of some of our most reconizable and important pieces of literature. In Finding Mother God she uses the medium of poetry to call all people to find healing and love in a connection with Heavenly Mother. Again, don’t let inexperience with poetry deter you. This collection is written in a way that is approachable for all. 

4. A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother

Authors McArthur Krishna and Bethany Spalding have created a workbook of sorts for girls all ALL ages to learn more about Heavenly Mother. This book is a work of art and is packed full of quotes and insights from LDS leaders, inspired and unique art, and thought prompts to consider and ponder.

5. A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother

Is it important for boys to connect with their Heavenly Mother? Absolutely! Authors McArthur Krishna and Bethany Spalding created a book especially for boys of ALL ages to learn more about and better understand their Heavenly Mother. Just like A Girl’s Guide, this book is full of insights, resources, important and inspiring quotes.



1. Creator Goddess

Artist J. Kirk Richards gives us a rare depiction of our Heavenly Mother in all of her power and glory as a creator and God while also capturing the love and intimacy of a Mother. 

2. In Their Image

Caitlin Connolly captures the unity and vastness of our eternal family while celebrating individual uniqueness and diversity. 

3. In Her Image

A beautiful depiction by Caitlin Connolly of Heavenly Mother and all of Her daughters who She made in Her image. 


4. Keep Seeking.

The most useful remind is the one you will see. This small and simple sticker can be placed just about anywhere, think water bottle, laptop, mirror, to help you remember that if you seek Her you will find Her. 

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