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Our Top Three Come Follow Me Resources

As we enter our second year of the Come Follow Me program we are so grateful to see so many awesome #CFM resources available. It is clear that our community is excited to apply this new approach to the Book of Mormon.

We are so blessed to live in a day when you don't have to have access to Deseret Book to get your hands on wonderful study materials. As typically happens when there is an influx of resources, it can be hard to sort through it all and find what you are really looking for. We compiled our very favorite resources to save you a little time and energy. 

LDS Caitlin Connolly

1. @ComeFollowMeDaily

Every stinking day, Mary Stallings post a beautiful piece of LDS art paired with a caption that related to that week's Come Follow Me assigned chapters. I met Mary years ago when we were living together in Israel on a study abroad. Mary is a STUDENT of the gospel on a level that enables her to be an incredible teacher. Reading every day can be hard, but follow @ComeFollowMeDaily and get a little dose of goodness while you scroll. 

2. Don't Miss This YouTube Channel

If you ask anyone who is really focusing on their Come Follow Me studies for their favorite resources, chances are they will mention Don't Miss This. Every week these two put out a roughly 45-minute video reviewing that week's assigned chapters in a way we wish every Sunday school lesson could be taught. If you're hesitant about diving into a 45-minute video, throw it on while you get ready in the morning or listen while you drive around. My favorite part is that they give you unique tips and ideas of ways to study the chapters to help them be more meaningful. 

3. The Book of Mormon Made Easier 

Over the past few weeks, I have been watching a lot of Instagram stories with Come Follow Me resource recommendations. This Book of Mormon study guide combo is listed nearly every time. This book includes the full text WITH insights, important info, and commentary built-in. I love this because sometimes flipping between multiple books is kind of a nightmare for me. If you are looking for a way to read the assigned scriptures and get a little extra context this is the book for you. 



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