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    Rosie writes in a way that drops truth bombs


    Rosie is SO FUNNY and speaks/writes in a way that drops truth bombs while making you laugh and cry. At the end, you'll feel like you've made a new best friend while simultaneously growing closer with our Heavenly Parents. Her message is one that is much needed in the Mormon community today. This book is a fun read for ALL ages!! So glad Rosie shared her light with all of us!

    Vickie Brown

    If I could give this book 1000 stars, I WOULD.


    I am absolutely so impressed by this book. Rosie has poured her knowledge into this book and it really shows! This book is a MUST READ for ANY girl of ANY age! It is like a pep talk from a wiser older sister who has already gone through hard times so you don't have to. The book is a fast read with every page better than the last. It teaches so much about our self-worth, our Heavenly Dream Team, and how to embrace ourselves as we truly are. Tell your daughters, your mom, your sisters, your aunts! They all need this book!!

    C. Ruettinger

    I want every woman to read this book!


    I just back from girls camp today and devoured the book while there!! (I am 37 and was a counselor) I had to stop and read allowed so many times to anyone who was around me and would listen!! I want every girl, woman and grandma in the world to read this book!!!!  I really feel like you DO NOT have to be MORMON to read and enjoy this book and feel so empowered! I can't wait to read it again and highlight the crap out of it! Thank you SO much for sharing a piece of your life with us!