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    There are some people who would cringe at the idea of me being considered a "model Mormon" which is pretty much the point. In this book, I share my story. My  highs and lows as a high fashion model and person of faith. My hope is to turn the idea of there being a "cookie-cutter" Mormon on its head. A model Mormon is a person working their way back to her or his Heavenly Parents. That's it. 

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    When sixteen-year-old Rosemary Card left Salt Lake to become a model, she had no idea what awaited her in New York City. As her career took her around the globe over the next two years, Rosie experienced the highs and lows of the fashion industry and learned firsthand the strength found in being true to yourself, listening to guidance from the Spirit, and discovering confidence as a single LDS woman. Now retired from modeling, Rosie shares her inspiring true story of how focusing on developing her mind and heart in the process of becoming more like Christ blessed her with opportunities and challenges she could never have imagined!