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Men's Temple Clothes

Men's Temple Clothes

We are gathered here today to talk about something really uncomfortable; your husband’s temple pants. Honestly, we need to talk about all of his temple clothes. But first and foremost, temple pants.

Here we have the classic chicken or the egg situation. What came first, the crease cuffed style or the actual man wearing them? It’s tough to tell at this point. 

Regardless of where the items of clothing in question fall on the grey to yellow scale, I’m here to tell you there is another way. In fact there are a few and I’ve listed them below. Temple robes are specific to the LDS temple ceremony and must be bought from the Church Distribution Center. Temple clothing are simply white clothing and can be bought where ever you can find it. 

Now, lest anyone trip up on the thought “why does it matter? The temple isn’t a fashion show.” Let’s talk. You’re right. It’s not a fashion show. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s belief system participating in temple ceremonies is one of the most sacred things you can do in your religious life. The Church shows how much they revere the work and hold it sacred by housing it in a building that is made of and designed with the literal very best that can be bought, found, or made in this world. They have been known to fly Egyptian marble across the world.

If that's how to Church approaches the physical aspects of the temple, shouldn’t we as members also dress in our very best? It’s important to recognize that for some an old worn shirt might be the very best they have to offer. We have nothing but respect for them. However, if we can afford a new shirt or wouldn't wear a shirt in a certain condition outside of the temple, it might make sense to refresh what one wears inside the temple.

Hopefully this list will help make the refreshing process easier. The best part is when someone is wearing clothing that is actually comfortable, they are better equipped to focus on things that matter more than clothing, like learning from the Spirit. Uncomfortable clothing can be very distracting and can we really blame anyone for being less interested in revisiting a place they feel uncomfortable in?

If the content or the process of the temple is what makes you or a loved one uncomfortable please check out House of Light: Your Guide to the Temple. This straight forward guide and study aide has helped thousands of people feel more at home in the House of the Lord. 

Learn more here. 


#1 - Bonobos Highland Golf Pant $59

#2 - Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino $99

#3 - Nike Dri-Fit Chino $85

#4 - Trim fit Non-Iron $49.50

#5 - Premium Poplin $90

More white pant options from ASOS.

More white pant options from LuluLemon.




#1 - Hanes 12-pack $14.98

#2 - Gap 2-pack $8

#3 -  Slim Tie $7.99

#4 - Paisley Tie $12.95

#5 - Bespoke Tie $24



#1 - Faux Leather Shoes $32.90

#2 - Slip On $55

#3 - Banana Republic Sneaker $34.99

#4 - Perforated Vamp Slip On $29.99




#1 - Temple Packet $29.99

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